1 ‘Scouse’ – Liverpool Echo

"His work as sound designer caught many in the audience unawares, with the sound of the streets and the tense growth of civil and political unrest captured and amplified beautifully."

[Scouse: A Comedy of Terrors]

2 ‘Scouse’ – Reviewing the Situations

"A brilliant surround sound design by Tom Evans, complimenting the circular auditorium and echoing the play's feeling of being caught right in the middle of the conflight."

[Scouse: A Comedy of Terrors]


"[Ensuring] full audibility of the two actors, preserving full dynamic range...enabled by the unusual use of voice amplification at the Union, in the hands of Thomas Evans."

[Scouse: A Comedy of Terrors]

4 Alun Parry

"Thomas Evans was our sound engineer at The Lantern on Sunday. He did a sterling job and works freelance, so feel free to give him a yell."

[Facebook Review]

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I’m Thomas / Tevs and I am a freelance
Sound Designer / Theatre Technician / Production Manager.


My portfolio includes touring shows, festivals, resident productions & corporate events,
with credits ranging from ‘Sound Operator’ to ‘Technical Manager’.


I am based in the UK and work both nationwide & internationally.
Currently living in the North West.

07523 919152